STANDHaiti Report: Fall 2015 recap & Upcoming Opportunities

Here’s an update on STAND Haiti’s Fall 2015 trip by Dr. Justin Dunaway. Find out more about Justin and STAND Haiti by clicking on the blue links you just read.

FYI – the next trip is scheduled for Jan 22 to Feb 7, 2016.


wk1 team

There’s nothing like a hurricane to give you perspective. You would think that torrential rains, mud-sloshed roads, and wind gusts up to 60 mph would keep people at home. As it turns out, the care we provide in Port-de-Paix, Haiti is so valuable that the elements themselves did not prevent people from seeking care from STAND clinicians!

Over the two weeks that STAND had its clinic doors open, we treated over 1,350 patients. People came to have back pain addressed, post stroke drop foot assisted, and spinal cord injury therapy plans created! New prosthetics were built for amputees, patients’ infections and maladies were addressed by our medical staff, both kids and adults received appropriate orthoses and assistive devices, and people left with less pain and more hope!

Additionally, during STAND’s time in Port-de-Paix, we created jobs for 41 locals, gave medical screenings and care for school children, and provided clinical education hours for a local nursing school. Our teams of physical therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, and nurses worked selflessly to make a difference in each patient’s life. Hailing from fifteen states across the US (plus one amazing prosthetist from Leogane, Haiti), STAND’s fall team made the magic happen on levels we could never have imagined!

Wk 2 team

In the end, it was our ground crew in Haiti that made this all possible. Without the hardwork and dedication of Lifaite, Gomez, and all of our support staff in Port-de-Paix, this extent of success would have been difficult even to imagine.

With every cog turning and each team member working to decrease our patients’ pain and disability, STAND’s fall trip of 2015 will be one for the books! We cannot thank each member of our STAND family enough for making this trip more than just a success, for making it a memorable beginning to our growing work in Haiti.

Stay tuned! Excerpts, patient stories, and therapists’ reflections are on their way!

If you’re interested in joining the STAND family our next trip is Jan 22- Feb 7th and you can volunteer for 1 or 2 weeks, then please contact us at or

Morgan and Justin

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