Why Physical Therapists Need Physical Therapy

I wrote a guest post for Dr. Erson Religioso, DPT on Why Physical Therapists Need Physical Therapy. Here’s a preview:

Until recently, I didn’t consider seeing a fellow Physio for any other reason than necessity – pain, injury, etc. However, curiosity got the best of me, and I signed up for a few PT sessions and learned more than I expected. Here are my Top 5 Lessons so far.

Prima – every physio should know what it’s like to be a patient. Let’s drop the fact that you are a physio and might quietly (or not!) critique your care. View it purely from the perspective of a patient looking to return to full function: running, walking, sex, lifting, etc.

Here’s how Jill Baugh put it: “Only way to know if we get good care is to know if we get good care.

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5 Lessons Physical Therapists can Learn from Bruce Lee

I wrote a guest post for Strive Labs. Check it out:

“Bruce Lee is one of my personal heroes. While there are many reasons I admire him, I find his philosophical approach to everything the most salient and magnetic feature of admiration. We can learn numerous lessons from his life. Here are 5 lessons that apply to Physical Therapists as individuals, and Physical Therapy as a profession.”

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