What Would MacGyver Do?

I wrote a guest post for Strive Labs titled “What Would MacGyver Do?” about some lessons we can learn from this 1980’s icon.

 MacGyver has been an icon of resourcefulness ever since he first hit TV decades ago. While we may not be able to cobble together lifesaving devices using toothpicks and chewing gum, there are some worthwhile lessons to be learned from Angus (can you believe MacGyver’s first name is Angus?? Me neither…). Let’s look at 2 filters of MacGyver wisdom; the first one is from a company that makes soap: Method.

Method grew from “a very dirty San Francisco flat” into a very successful brand and company. Their mascot was, and still is, MacGyver. “What Would MacGyver Do?” is one of their core values. Here’s how they described it: [read more]…


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